Та энэхүү тестийг өгөөд үзээрэй. Юмыг яаж мэдэхэв:
1-т Та хэрэгтэй зүйлээ мэдэж авах ч юм билүү,
2-т Таныг өөрийгөө мэдэхэд, мэдрэхэд туслах байх.

Romantic Personality Test
18 questions, 8-12 min

Results of the Romantic Personality Test
My score = 63 out of 100

What does your score mean?
You are a borderline romantic. Though you aren't entirely wooed by splendid shows of love, you can get into a little bit of romance.

Problems may arise if you are matched up with someone who is either more or less romantic than you. If you look forward to Valentine's Day to express your love and your partner doesn't even know when it is, you might end up feeling neglected. If your partner isn't as romantically inclined as you, it might be necessary for you to notice the effort your partner does make. Perhaps s/he doesn't display her affection in screamingly romantic ways, but if you tune into his/her subtle displays of adoration, your heart will soar with appreciation. And you can always encourage your partner to act romantically by rewarding him/her when s/he does try to woo you.

And if your partner enjoys the magical side of love, you might enjoy using your imagination to commit original acts of romance. Review the following list of ideas to get your own imagination percolating!

-Show up at his/her workplace, meet your partner as s/he takes her/his break, and whisk her/him away for lunch or a walk.
-Put a note on the bathroom mirror promising to share an afternoon delight.
-When you are separated, call to tell him/her you were thinking about them.
-Remember your dreams and tell her/him about them.
-Ride your bike 8 miles just to see them for a few hours.
-Dress and/or undress each other.
-Kiss every part of your partner's body.
-Hold hands.
-Surprise your partner with plans for a fun day-trip together.
-Go to a toy store and play like children.
-Bring your partner a treat (something sweet?) when you go visit.
-Get up early and make a beautiful breakfast for your partner.

source http://www.psychologytoday.com/
photo http://romanticcollection.ru - үзэхэд илүүдэхгүй

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