George Soros

Bid gadaad, dotoodod (ixevchlen ix, deed surguuli) surdag negniixee surgaltyn to'lboryg baragduulax gej tuxain ger bulyn xun bolgon chadax chineegeree zutgedeg. Olon ch ouytan zaluuchuud to'lboryn asuudal gexeer to'ryn surgaltyn san, Sorosyn san, busad sanguud tolgoid ni bu'ux bx. Sorosyn san xerxen scholarship olgodog talaar nadad o'mno ni medeelel bsangui. Gexdee olon zaluuchuud "xu'rtex" bolomj bololtsoo garsan bxaa gej bodoj bna.

"Mongolyn Neelttei niigem" sangyn websited zochilloo:
"The priorities and specific activities of the Mongolian Foundation for Open Society are determined by a national board of directors and staff in consultation with George Soros and Open Society Institute boards and advisors. Through grants and operating programs, the Foundation actively supports initiatives in civil society, education, media, public health, and human and women's rights, as well as social, legal, and economic reform."
(O'mno bichij bsantai adil asuudaltai negen web)

Billionaire investor/activist on Foley fallout, War on Terror, Bush administration and economy (FOXNews Video, Oct, 5, 2006)

 George Soros About George Soros

10 Questions For George Soros By Karen Tumulty
(3/1/2004 issue of TIME magazine)

source FoxNews.com & GeorgeSoros.com

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