1.бэлгийн харьцаанд орох, хусах, хуних, нухах, дарах :)
адил утгатай үгнүүд: slam, bone, do it, bag, hit, knock boots, bang
2. ноцолдох, зодох, будаа болгох, сэгсрэх, хуних, нам авах :)

Жинхэнэ утгаараа:
1. transitive and intransitive verb hit something lightly: to hit something or somebody lightly, especially more than once
2. transitive verb hit object against something else: to hit an object lightly against something else
3. transitive verb make sound: to produce something such as a noise or rhythm by tapping
4. intransitive verb move making light sounds: to move making a series of light noises
5. intransitive verb do tap dance: to perform a tap dance
6. transitive verb reinforce shoe: to attach a small piece of leather or metal to the toe or heel of a shoe to cover worn parts or to protect against wear
7. transitive verb U.S. give position to somebody: to select and appoint somebody for a particular role or office ( usually passive )
tapped her as the publicity chair

source http://encarta.msn.com

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