"Эхлээд бодож сэтгэ, дараа нь бичиж тэмдэглэ, эцэст нь хийж бүтээ"
Энгийн зүйл хийхээс авахуулаад ямарваа нэгэн зорилгод хүрэхэд саад бэрхшээл бишгүй учирч шантрах, болих хүртэл тохиолдол бишгүй гардаг билээ. Тэгвэл энэхүү асуудлыг шийдэх нэгэн зөвлөлгөөг эндээс уншина уу.

Think It, Write It, Do It
by Susan Hall
Journaling can lead to action.

Looking for some motivation or a fresh perspective? Pick up a pen.

Jotting down your values for just 15 minutes a day could help you reach important life goals. Yale University researchers found that students who ?took time to write about their most important values—family, religion, or achievement, for example—were able to improve their grades. The study suggests that writing can help students affirm their self-worth and lower stress, which, in turn, helps them perform better in school.

“Writing is a great way to track the internal chatter in your brain,” says Celeste Gertsen, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Mt. Sinai, New York, who specializes in self-esteem issues.

Sometimes we don’t see our own thought patterns, she says, but writing can help us clear negative thoughts ?and concentrate on the positive. The next time you need a boost, try these tips.

Focus on an important goal, value, or concern. It could be connected to your family or career, or to a personal trait like wisdom, serenity, or generosity.

Set aside some quiet time to write your thoughts about the subject. “If something negative comes to mind, flip the page, write it there, and clear it from your head,” Gertsen suggests. Once you’re done, take time to read over your positive thoughts. Gertsen says the process is more like written meditation, rather than repeating a mantra.

Use your writing to get in touch with the thoughts that are swirling around in your head. If you concentrate on the positive ones, you’ll gain a fresh outlook and the encouragement you need to reach your goals.

source http://www.health.com

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