Return of theTaliban
Ochigdor oroi enexuu nevtruulgyg u'zlee. Yeronxiidoo Afganistany Talibany tuxai, US bolon Pakitsan xariltsaany tuxai, ted xerxen Talibanchuudtai temtsej bgaa tuxai garna. Pakistany Zasgyn gazar US-aas 2001 onoos xoish 5 terbum $-yn "demjleg" avsan bna. Posted by Picasa
Pakistany Zasgyn gazar, armi (armyn general ni ) ni Talibanchuudtai xerxen "geree" xiin o'mno bsan "o'roo to'lj" bgaa tuxai garna. 2001 ony 9 saryn 11-nees o'mno Pakistan Talibanch xamtran ajillaj, "ax duu" bsan tu'uxtei tul bie bienteige temtsexed bas "xetsuu" bdag bololtoi. "Zo'vlolt Zasgyn" yed US Talibanchuud, Bin Ladeng iveen tetgedeg "tusaldag, demjdeg" bsan bna. Tejeesen tugal exygee ...
Pakistany tal Talibany tolgoilogchdyg "ustgasan" xeneen medegddeg bolovch "bo'mbogdolt", "xarvasan puujin" ni US. Ene barimtat zurag avsan photo zuragchin 6 sar alga bolsny daraa nas barsan oldson bo'good Pakistany Zasgyn gazar ni ene talaar "ogtxon ch medexgui" bgaa tuxai garna.

1.The Forbidden Zone

Journeying  into the wild tribal areas of western Pakistan -- a strange and lawless  place, and a breeding ground for jihadists.
2.The Tribal Area of Waziristan

Here, Taliban commanders launch cross-border attacks into Afghanistan. After 9/11, the U.S. demanded Pakistan stop all support for the Taliban.

3.The Taliban's Web of Alliances

The story of why, after the U.S. bombing campaign and Tora Bora,  the Taliban and Al Qaeda could escape into the tribal lands and be welcomed.
4.The Tribal Area of Waziristan

Investigating the agreement the Pakistan army signed with Taliban-Al Qaeda commander Nek Mohammed --  and what followed.

5.The Stories of a Warlord and a Journalist

Jalaluddin Haqqani strategized the Taliban's current offensive; Hayat Ullah Khan was a brave reporter who embarrassed the Pakistan government.
6.Bajaur, Another Tribal Area

It's considered  a new base for Al Qaeda's leaders; Bin Laden may be here.  But the Pakistan army has almost no troops deployed in Bajaur.

7.A New U.S. Policy on Pakistan?

As cross-border attacks rise in Afghanistan, Washington recognizes its project in Afghanistan could fail. But what can it do - and at what price?

source from http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/taliban/

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