Эрчүүд хүүхнүүдийн ялгаа?

...Important gender differences identified by Brizendine:

- Women speak 250 words per minute versus the 125 words a minute that are typical for men.
- A woman uses 20,000 words per day, while a man uses only 7,000.
- When boys don't listen to their mothers, there is a reason. He physically cannot hear the same tone of warning.
- Women know what other people are feeling. Men, not so much.

Өөр нэг зүйлийн тухай уншихыг хүсвэл
энд дараарай.

source: http://www.wmconnect.com/love/package.jsp?floc=WM-mant2&name=fte/thinkaboutsex/thinkaboutsex


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