25 Things Men Should Know How To Do - Эрчүүдийн чаддаг байх 25 зүйл
By Justin Becker

You may think you know how to do everything without the help of a manual, but if you're a real man, then you can actually admit that you probably don't know how to change a light bulb on your own.
Since there are certain things that every man should know how to do (okay, we'll never learn how to stop and ask for directions, so that doesn't count), here are the 25 things you should be familiar with in order to be the well-rounded man you want to become.

25- Leave a tip - Гарын мөнгө өгөх (гар цайлгах)
You don't need a tip calculator to figure out how much to leave any service provider. If it's a waiter, then the standard is 15% of your bill, but you can give more than that depending on the service. And yes, you do leave a tip for hairdressers, coat check attendants, bartenders, and taxi drivers, which you will learn all about by clicking here.

24- Clean your apartment - Гэр орноо цэвэрлэх
All it takes is the right tools. You need a broom, mop, vacuum, or Swiffer, which can complete most of these steps. Vacuum the carpets; mop up your kitchen floor (to make it easier, just use Swiffer, so you don't need even need to wet the floor); and sweep the tiles or hard wood floors. To get it done during halftime of a basketball game, check out How To Clean Your Apartment in 15 Minutes.

23- Change a tire - Дугуйгаа солих
We don't always have the luxury of having others stop to help us if we're stuck with a flat, and what if a sexy woman flags us down off the road to change her flat? In a nutshell, put the parking brake and hazard lights on; get out your lug nut wrench and car jack; remove the hubcap; loosen the lug nuts; jack up the car; remove the lug nuts followed by the flat tire; put the new tire onto the wheel studs; put the lug nuts back, and make sure they're screwed on tight.

22- Set the mood - Сэтгэл санаагаа захирах (ааш зан)
Get some candles and incense going (if you have a fireplace, that works too), put on some light jazz, R&B, or trip hop on your CD player, and remember to proceed slowly .

21- Undo a bra - Хөхөвч (ливчик) тайлах
Put your hands under her shirt. Now remember that a bra is clipped with hooks, as opposed to buttons or snaps. Simply take the two parts at the back of the bra -- near the center -- and push them together to unhook. Once you're a pro, you'll be able to unhook it with a flick of the wrist.

20- Tie a tie - Зангиа зангидах
Learn How To Tie A Tie for those important business meetings or formal affairs. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to do it while getting ready, so as not to rush.

19- Get into a nightclub - "Баардах" :)
If you want to look like you have as much pull as you claim and impress your date, then you need to know How To Get Into a Nightclub. It may sound easy, but if you're insecure or too pushy, then you'll stay at the back of the line all night -- while your lady friend has made her way in.

18- Do the groceries - Хоол хүнсээ худалдан авах
You may think this is your girlfriend's duty, but you'll need to prove how independent you are by doing the groceries like a big boy. Check what you need, make your list and attack those grocery aisles.

17- Speed read - Хурдан уншлага
Learn to scan pages and take in the most important parts of the material. Don't be afraid to use your fingers, read diagonally, and use the other tricks listed in How To Speed Read.

16- Read a woman's medicine cabinet - Эмэгтэйчүүдийн гоо сайхны, урүүл ахуйн хэрэгслэлүүдийг мэдэх
You may know how to Stock Your Medicine Cabinet, but don't freak if your girlfriend has things like Vaseline (used for dry lips), Tucks medicated pads (used for puffy eyes), Condoms (she just wants to be careful), or a metal device (believe it or not, an eyelash curler), in her medicine cabinet.

15- Sew a button - Товч хадах
Get a needle and thread (preferably the same color as the button or fabric of your clothes). Just lace the thread in the eye of the needle and tie a knot, and then go in and out of the holes of the button (usually 2-4 times). Continue weaving until you feel the button is secure, and then cut the string.

14- Do the laundry - Угаалга хийх (хувцас хунар)
Doing the laundry is something you have to resort to, unless you're prepared to pay hefty dry cleaning bills. Gather up your clothes, separate the whites from the darks, and do separate loads. Make sure to read labels and check that no special care is required. Follow your washing machine instructions and place your clothes in the dryer after washing. For more delicate pieces that may shrink, hang or lay flat to dry.

13- Choose the right wine - Дарсыг зөв сонгох
Impress her with your wine savvness and choose the right bottle for your dinner date. Generally, choose red for pasta and seafood, and white for fish. It also depends on whether you're having a light or heavy meal, and how much you want to spend. You'll get all the tips you need by reading Selecting The Right Wine.

12- Play poker - Хөзөр (покер) тоглох
Yes there are all sorts of rules and tricks to poker, but you need to learn the behavior involved in the game to take home the winnings.

11- Throw a party - Найрлах наргих (гэртээ парийдах)
Make your guest list, buy the necessary food and drinks for the guests, organize and clean up your apartment, and try to make it easy for everyone to break the ice and mingle. Music, drinks and the right blend of guests are sometimes all you need. Most importantly, try to have fun and enjoy.

10- Keep your bar well-stocked - Төрөл бүрийн ундаа, дарс, согтууруулах ундаануудын тухай мэдлэгтэй байх :)

(bar гэдэг нь гэрт, ихэвчлэн гал тогоонд байдаг ундаа, дарс, архи байрлуулсан тавиурууд бөгөөд ерөнхийдөө ундаа, дарс гэх мэтээр "дүүрэн" байдаг)
You need to make sure your bar is well-stocked at all times, even when not planning for a party. You never know who will drop by, so make sure you're prepared with the essential ingredients and accessories.

9- Cure a hangover - Шартахаас сэргийлэх, хэрвээ шартсан бол шараа тайлах
If your bar is really well-stocked for your own good, then you may need to learn How To Avoid A Hangover, and how to treat it in case you lose track of your tequila shots. All it takes is the ability to know your limits and pace yourself.

8- Smoke a cigar - Навчин тамхи татах
Smoking a cigar is an art form, so learn the lingo, cut the head, light the cigar, remove the band, and smoke away. Just don't inhale.

7- Iron clothes - Хувцсаа индүүдэх
Make sure to read the care instructions of your clothes before ironing. Lay the article flat on the ironing board, and iron each side with "back and forth" motions. To really make it work, check out How To Iron Your Clothes Effectively.

6- Purchase flowers - Цэцэг худалдан авах
So, you think it's all about the roses? Well, think again, because you can't give red roses to just anyone. Find out the meaning of each flower by brushing up on your flower etiquette.

5- Make restaurant reservations - Ресторан хоолны газруудад захиалга өгөх
It may seem hard to make reservations at one of the hottest spots in town, but with perseverance and research, you can do it. Find out what the reservation policy of the restaurant is; try a slower night or earlier hour. Then, once you're in, you can try to become friendly with the manager or host, which can work to your advantage next time around. Also, use your power as a client. If the host is not being cooperative, try speaking to the manager.

4- Manage stress - Сэтгэл санааны хямрал, стрессээ зохицуулах
Put things into perspective and take things one day at a time. Improve your time-management skills and get into the habit of taking breathers (a walk, counting to 10). If you're the boss of a corporation and lose control when you're stressed, you'll look weak. Toughen up and take control of stress.

3- Prepare breakfast in bed - Өглөөний цай бэлдэх (шөнийг хамт өнгөрөөсөн хүүхэн эсвэл эхнэрээ сэрэхэд оронд нь -өглөөний цайгаар дайлах)
If you have an unexpected houseguest sleeping over, impress her with your ability to make breakfast in bed. Just put together scrambled eggs, toast, juice, and fruit, which should be enough to tempt her to spend the night more often.

2- Send proper e-mail - Захиа, эмайл бичих, явуулах
You need to learn the etiquette of sending proper e-mail, or else you'll be banned from everyone's inbox. How can you be taken seriously when you can't even send e-mail? No postage required.

1- Be a gentleman - "Эр хүн" байх
Although some may think chivalry is dead, you can try to keep it alive by always being the perfect gentleman.

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