Amerikchuud saran deer buusan esex talaar blogtoo oruulaad udaagui, tegeed ch ooroo ergelzej btal ed nar "suurishix" medeeg unshlaa. Itgexgui dee bish, neg l "no" setgeld mini xadaastai uchir ergelzee maani xeveeree. Xun to'rolxton ex delxiigees o'or "gert" suurishix exny alxam. Xervee zardlyg ni diileed tend amidrax bolvol xen xamgyn turuund ochix bol?!

NASA plans to put a base on the moon by 2020
By Traci Watson, USA TODAY - Tue Dec 5, 6:57 AM ET
WASHINGTON - NASA plans to surpass the Apollo missions by establishing a base on the moon that could lead to a permanent human presence on the lunar surface, space agency officials said Monday.
For the first time since President Bush announced in 2004 that American astronauts would return to the moon, NASA has specified what it plans to do once there. No human has set foot on the moon since 1972. That final stay, the longest, lasted three days. ( more)

source http://news.yahoo.com/

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