"Life's Greatest Miracle"
People do all sorts of things to get attention. And why? It may be the last thing on his mind, but this man's body is working toward this.
Whether we're thinking about it or not, our bodies want to make babies. And our bodies are very good at it. Around the world about 365,000 new babies get made every day. (site)

1. Passing on Your DNA
advantages of sexual reproduction
sperm meiosis
running time 09:53

2. The Egg's Journey
expectant parents
finding a mate
running time 06:00

3. The Sperm's Journey
reaching the egg
entering the egg
running time 05:41

4. The First Two Weeks
cell division
morning sickness
running time 04:58

5. The Embryo Takes Shape
cells on the move
turning genes on
running time 07:47

6. Messages in the Genes
how sex is determined
the SRY gene
building organs and limbs
running time 04:35

7. Feeding the Growing Fetus
the placenta
organs begin to function
a remarkable transformation
running time 06:39

8. The Third Trimester
the growing brain
pain and danger of human birth
a new life
running time 07:07

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Source from www.pbs.org

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