Megafloodyn tuxai post oruulsnyxaa daraa bodood.. Manai Arxangai aimagt bdag Taixar Chuluuny u'uslyn talaar medexyg xu'slee. Xevee xen negen meddeg bol commented xolbogdood bichij bolox um shuu. Xen negen baatar ni o'tgood avchraad tavichixsan bol odoo yaxav dee tee.. :)

"Taikhar Chuluu. The nondescript town of lkh Tamir is 22km along the main road west of Tsetserleg. The reason to stop here is to inspect the enormous Taikhar Chuluu rock formation. The rock is the subject of many local legends, the most common one is that a great baatar, or hero, crushed a huge serpent here by hurling the rock on top of it. Locals claim there are some ancient Tibetan inscriptions on the rock, though you'll be lucky to spot them through 30 years of Mongolian graffiti. There is even an ovoo at the top. "

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