Religion and War
Tu'uxend bolj baisan dain tulaanuud bugdeeree shashiny dain, mo'rgoldoon bish bolovch tedgeer ni yamar negen baidlaar shashiny uil, zanshil, elementuudyg aguuldag baiv: nomlogch (lam) dain tulaandaa yalaxyg zalbirax, ero'ox (dain tulaand oroxyn omno daichdad nom aildax) gex met...
Dain tulaany yed sum xiiduudyg ezelsneer esreg talynxaa setgel, zurxyg moxooj yalan diilne xemeen u'zdeg bsan tul sum xiiduud ni dain tulaany talbar, bai boldog baijee. ... za yeronxiid ni unshina bizdee.

"The view upon religions versus another is very debatable. For example, in the USA, and in other places around Europe, many people would agree that terrorism is part of an ongoing war of religion. However, who is fighting who is the main topic that is so hard to define. Is it Muslims vs. Christianity? Or is it the Middle East vs. The West? Many people have different views, definitions and opinions upon this subject. "

Yagaad ene tuxai bichix bolov oo?

Muslim shashiny talaar taagui ug xelsen Pope Muslim shashintnyydaas uuchlal xu'ssen bolovch ene ni nileen xurts, o'rgojij magadgui asuudal bolood bna.. Popyn xelsen ug ni zarim negend ni u'nen met baij bolox bolovch ... o'or shashiny, ter tusmaa odoogyn eedreetei tsagt, Muslim shashiny talaarxi du'gnelt, xelex u'gee sain bodoj tungaax xeregtei bsan. getel Pope xelex ugee shalgaj, tungaaj, nyagtalsan l bgaa. Yagaad xelex bolov? Iimerxuu "aldaa " xiimeergiu um.. ali esvel "uls to'r" orchixson uu? Uuchlal guina gedeg Pope ooroo buruu zuil xiisnee xu'leen zo'vshoorson gesen ug... Uuchlal xu'sex bsan yagaad xelex bolov oo?... olon um bna daa...

- Popyn xelsen ug: pdf file-aar
- Latest video news about Pope speech (Pope ooryn bier alban yosoor uuchlal xu'sev)

"Remarks by Pope Benedict XVI in a speech in Germany have provoked outrage in the Muslim world and led to demands that the pontiff apologise for "insulting" Islam."

A traditional numbering scheme for the crusades gives us nine during the 11th to 13th centuries, as well as other smaller crusades that are mostly contemporaneous and unnumbered. There were frequent "minor" crusades throughout this period, not only in Palestine, but also in the Iberian Peninsula and central Europe, against not only Muslims, but also Christian heretics and personal enemies of the Papacy or other powerful monarchs. Such "crusades" continued into the 16th century, until the Renaissance and Reformation when the political and religious climate of Europe was significantly different than that of the Middle Ages. The following is a listing of the "major" crusades.

u'untei xolbogduulan tuuxyn tuxai: Timeline of WORLD history

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