...Untaxaar bodoj bsan bolovch daxiad tur suumaar sanagdaad tegeed enexuu materialyg oruulav. Nomyn sangaas 3 DVD-g ni avch u'zeed nadad ix taalagdsan um. Tegeed online site-yg ni link xiixeer shiidlee. Ta o'oroo uzne bizdee tegeed...

Sourse from PBS: "Commanding Heights - The Battle for the World economy"

" The purpose of this site is to promote better understanding of globalization, world trade and economic development, including the forces, values, events, and ideas that have shaped the present global economic system. "

Materialuud ni video bolon text xelbereer tavigdsan tul ta u'zex bolon unshix bolomjtoi . Ta zaaval uzeerei.. Busdyn tuuxees suraltsaj bolno gedeg bxaa.
Jishee ni :

Chapter 21: A Decade of Radical Change 7:38

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